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A number of business owners wonder what Continental Salesforce Development can provide in terms of assessments and evaluations. Below are some links for more information and free trials. Please feel free to use any or all of these tools.

Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator


Answer just 15 questions (will take less than 5 minutes) and we'll instantly provide you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including your cost of recruitment, development and lost business. Ready? Click Below.

Sales Force Grader

Answer just 22 questions (it will take less than 5 minutes) and receive an instant score on the relative effectiveness of your sales force. You'll also see how your sales force compares with others, receive an explanation of what your score means, and we'll recommend what you can do to improve your score.

Sales Achievement Grader


Answer just 10 questions (will take less than 5 minutes) and we'll instantly provide you with a grade on your level of sales achievement. Ready? Click Below.

The Cost of Your Sales Ghosts

It costs a lot money to hire and train salespeople, only to have them leave. We continue to be affected by the salespeople of years past; those who once walked our halls, have left, and whose actions continue to haunt us and cost us dearly. How much have your ghosts cost your company? Take the Ghosts Test!

Sales Process

92% of the companies whose sales force we evaluate have ineffective, incomplete, non-existent sales processes, or sales processes that their people don't follow. But that's not the real issue.



The real issue is identifying the reason for the lack of an effective sales process. It could be any of the following:

  • Sales Management doesn't know what they don't know
  • Unable to define the correct steps in the correct order
  • Unable to communicate the process to the sales force
  • Not intuitive
  • Not simple
  • Not memorable
  • Not logical
  • Doesn't create traction
  • Doesn't create prospect engagement
  • Not predictive
  • Not repeatable
  • Doesn't deliver consistent results

We will help you understand whether your existing process is effective or not, and why not, as well as tell you what must be done to correct the problem.

Recruiting Process Grader


Your ability to select salespeople is only as good as your ability to fill the funnel with a high volume of high quality candidates.




Most executives don't have the time or expertise to effectively overcome that challenge. How good is your recruiting process? Most Business Owners and Managers would like to turn their sales recruiting process upside down, and impact both the quantity and quality of candidates that enter the sales candidate pool. Do you have a proven and consistent process to identify those worth perusing, and guide you to select those that will succeed in their roles at your company? Click the button below to find out.

Request Samples

Our Assessments can be used to enhance recruiting or to identify areas for improvement in an existing Sales Team. These assessments were built for sales, not adapted. As a result the findings are sales specific, accurate and predictive. Download our Free Sample Assessments and see for yourself how powerful the insight and analysis provided by OMG could be for you.

Who is your next Superstar Salesperson?


Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring!






Never again be fooled by an individual's charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume. You won't have to wait six months to a year to learn whether your next candidate will succeed in your difficult business. Our Sales Candidate, Sales Management Candidate and VP Sales Candidate Assessments provide easy, instant access to the same accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to choose winning salespeople (and sales managers).

Free White Papers


An authoritative report to help business owners understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision regarding their Sales Force.




The Modern Science behind Sales Force Excellence

This White Paper provides insights, commentary and conclusions reached from our Sales Force Effectiveness Study, conducted during the latter part of 2014.

The Modern Science of Salesperson Selection

This White Paper has it all. Research, empirical data, evidence, and the insights into how accurately you can predict sales success in sales candidates in any business calling into any marketplace.


Sales Longevity - The Science of Predicting Sales Turnover

This White Paper has the latest research, empirical data, and insights into how you can accurately predict and prevent sales turnover before you hire a new salesperson.


The Challenger Style and its Impact on Sales Selection

This White Paper responds to the HBR article which introduced a new selling style called the Challenger.

The Trust Project - New Whitepaper


 In Salespeople we do not trust.






What lies behind the general distrust of salespeople? Certain industries in particular suffer from this stigma (car salespeople, insurance salespeople, construction industry salespeople). Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group set out to get information from buyers about who they trust/distrust and why. He conducted a long term survey and asked consumers a range of questions around when, why and whom they distrusted. He found: 

  • Commonalities between industries with high levels of distrust 
  • Specific actions that cause distrust 
  • The impact of gender and age on trust 

Download the Whitepaper for in depth info on each of these topics as well as specific action items to help solve the problem

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