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Continental Salesforce Development is a Salesforce Development company serving busines owners who need rapid and sustained growth. We help clients to...

  • Identify the type of salesperson best suited to work for you
  • Recruit from a large pool of top producers
  • Hire the right people in the right way
  • Onboard new salespeople with the proper expectations
  • Train salespeople to sell, not just take orders
  • Coach & Reinforce salestraining on an on-going basis
  • Hold salespeople accountable

We work with Presidents, CEOs, Business Owners, Sales Managers, Salespeople, Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Architects, Engineers, Technology Experts and other professionals who need to develop and grow business.


Eric Needles


Email: eneedles "at" cstmontana "dot com"

Phone: 4O6-38I-2273




Eric Needles brings over 25 years of real world sales, management and training experience to his clients. Working with business owners, principals, sales managers, salespeople and non-selling professionals, Eric helps them develop the actions, mindsets and techniques to reach their full potential in sales. During his career in Sales, Eric trained, coached and managed sales teams in Radio Advertising, Insurance and as a Bank Vice President. In fact, Eric still holds a record for local/direct sales in Radio in Chicago.


After joining the top franchisee in the world's largest Sales and Sales Management training organization, Eric expanded his base in Sales and Sales Management training to hundreds of business lines.  Today Eric brings that knowledge and experience to Western Montana with his own company, Continental Salesforce Development.

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Phone: (4O6) 38I-2273

Certified OMG Partner

Certified STAR Trainer

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