Identifying the Right People

SEIA (Sales Effectiveness and Improvemet Analysis) Our in-depth analysis of your current salesforce will answer four critical questions:

  • Can we be more effective?
  • How much more effective can we be?
  • What will it take to accomplish that?
  • How long will it take to accomplish that?

In order to do that we will answer the following questions:

  • How Does Sales Leadership Impact Our Sales Force?
  • Do We Have the Right People in the Right Roles?
  • What Are Our Current Sales Capabilities?
  • How Motivated Are Our Salespeople and How Are They Motivated?
  • Why Aren't We Generating More New Business?
  • Are We Reaching the Actual Decision Makers?
  • Why Isn't Our Sales Cycle Shorter?
  • Are We Selling Consultatively?
  • Are We Selling on Price and Who Can Become a Value Seller?
  • Is Our Value Proposition Consistent?
  • Can We Close More Sales?
  • Do Our Systems and Processes Support a High Performance Sales Organization?
  • Are We Being Consistent with Our Sales Process? (page 54)
  • How Well Are Our Sales Leadership Strategies Aligned?
  • Do We Need to Change Our Selection
  • Do We Need to Change Our Selection Criteria?
  • Is Our Ramp-Up of New Salespeople Fast Enough?
  • Can We Improve Our Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy?
  • Can We Improve Our Sales Culture?
  • Who Can Become More Effective in Their Roles?
  • What Are the Short-term Priorities for Accelerated Growth?


Key Management Dynamics (Leadership Team Analysis) This detailed and proprietary report will look at a current Board of Directors/Leadership Team and answer many questions that CEOs and Business Owners have in mind but never found a way to investigate, including...

  • What are the Hard Wired Syles of my leaders?
  • Are there issues preventing the leadership team from being as effective as possible?
  • Are there opportunities to coach up our leaders?
  • Who do our leaders most resemble?


Sales Candidate Assessment is an automated tool that filters your incoming new-hire candidates. You will find out if a salesperson will work out BEFORE YOU HIRE THEM. The traditional way of hiring salespeople who look good, speak well and come with a successful pedigree is usually nothing more than a role of the dice. While some work out, many do not. Out Sales Candidate Assessement will answer...

  • How a particular candidate is motivated
  • Whehter or not they are trainable
  • Whether or not they are coachable
  • What selling competancies do they already have
  • What hidden weaknesses will NEUTRALIZE any training they will receive

This assessment focuses on the likelihood of a salesperson's success in a particular selling role at your company. We will determine whether a candidate is trainable and coachable and provide guidance as to the areas in which a new hire may require help during the onboarding process.

While this is an important component of the selection process, it is only one component.  Our assessment will uncover sales issues that were likely hidden from view, even in a fairly comprehensive series of interviews.


This assessment DOES NOT measure intelligence, technical knowledge, self-presentation, or appearance. This IS NOT a personality test or a behavioral styles assessment. While assessments of that nature are perfectly well designed for general employment purposes, they are not predictive of sales success and we do not recommend their use in the sales selection process.


STAR (Sales Talent Acquistion Routine) A comprehensive and proven system for hiring Top Producers for your sales team. With the STAR program, we can improve...

  • The pool of sales candidates to choose from
  • The qualifications of those candidates
  • The selection of those candidates
  • The ultimate development of new hires into a perfect fit for you organization

With the STAR program, we will integrate the Sales Candidate Assessment with automated tools to make recruiting Top Producers as seamless as possible. Once identified, the STAR program takes you through best-case practices for interviewing, hiring and on-boarding your new hire. With the STAR program, you can hire Top Producers and have them hit the ground running from day 1.


Continental Sales Training is designed for experienced salespeople who are looking for an edge, as well as business owners who need to find, recruit, hire and manage top producing salespeople.
With today's selling environment, many sales people are feeling increased pressure to lower margins at the same time that competition is getting tougher.  Prospecting for new business is more difficult than in the past as buyers, armed with the internet and social media, are savvier than ever. Decision makers hide behind voicemail and unreturned e-mails and try to turn sales people into a free source of information.
Other programs we offer include...
Selling a la Continental- A program designed for professionals like CPA's, engineers, attorneys, non-profit organizations and others who don't consider themselves salespeople, but still want a way to expand their business, have more referrals and maintain their price integrity.
Selling for Entrepreneurs - Many entrepreneurs suffer from "peaks and valleys." Whether you're a one person operation, or have a handful of employees, you are probably the primary salesperson for your company. So when you bring in new business to work on, it cuts into your time to keep looking for more business and eventually you'll see a lag of new business coming in.  The "peaks and valleys" problem kills more small businesses than any other problem.
Selling for the "Pro" - When you first begin in sales, you usually have someone else in the organization that has been around the block and can help mentor you through your first few months on the job.  So what happens after you've been selling for a few years and now you are the experienced "Pro" in the office? This is a problem for many top producers who feel that they still want to see the large percentage increases in sales that they saw in the beginning of their careers, but now with much larger dollar amounts. Bust through and Break out now!
Sales Management Training - A Sales Manager must wear many hats. Not only are you responsible for managing your sales numbers and pricing, you must recruit, screen, hire and on-board new sales people. Once on your team, you will be training, coaching and mentoring your sales people at the same time that you are holding them accountable. Many managers are looking for a proven system to put this all together in a manageable way. Call today for more details at 406-721-3000 ext 1111.
Continental Salesforce Development may or may not be a fit for you or your organization, but it's worth a call to find out.  Call today 406-721-3000 ext 1111.

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