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Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus.


Many business owners are looking for a quick fix. They feel that sales training is a one time event and are often disappointed by a lack of any significant, long-term results.


Begin with the right people, give them on-going reinforced training and hold them accountable.

Continental Salesforce Development works because we help our clients find top producers, provide training with on-going reinforcement, and help you to hold those producers accountable.

The NEW Magic Behind the OMG

Sales Candidate Assessment

What's new with the candidate pool since COVID? What's new with crucial findings like Grit, Motivation, Working Remote and Managing Remote? What new skills should you be measuring?


What can be learned from two million sales evaluations? No spin - just facts and insights to help you hire stronger faster.


How can you identify who CAN sell vs who WILL sell, in your market against your competition, at your price points, under your leadership with your systems and processes and your differentiating value?


Join us to learn how to identify your blind spots and stay ahead of the sales hiring curve.

Thursday, Sept 24, 2020
11am Eastern Time
10am Central
9am Mountain
8am Pacific
Who Should Attend:
CEOs, CSOs, CFOs, COOs, Presidents, GMs, MDs, WW VP Sales, Senior VP Sales, VP Sales, and Director of Sales.

A Special message from our partner Dave Kurlan at Objective Management Group.

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